Review: Nitro Cold Brew Coffee by Caveman Coffee Co

Caveman Coffee
“The taste is velvet electric” – TGF

When I’m in a rush in the morning and need a jolt of caffeine, why on earth would I wait 30 minutes before I can take a sip of my coffee? You know the feeling.

That’s what led me to trying iced coffee. While sweating through my clothes on my commute to work, having an iced coffee on hand makes the train ride bearable. Now, even on the coldest days, I still prefer iced coffee. It’s just better.

This recent revelation led me on the journey to experimenting with the more expensive cold brew coffee. Each coffee shop here in NYC has a slightly different twist when it comes to their cold brews; I want to try them all (so far Gregory’s Coffee takes the cake for best cold brew). A DIY cold brew kit I tried at home just wasn’t the same.

As a listener of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he mentioned Nitro Cold Brew Coffee by Caveman Coffee Co as “being the shit”, so I went online and bought a 12 pack immediately. As a recent cold brew aficionado, I had to try it.

When the package arrived, I was stoked. I stacked them inside my refrigerator. There’s something about the way your fridge looks when you stack a bunch of cans in there. It’s beautiful. The next morning I took one out to try it.

“Just coffee with none of the crap!” The packaging of the can looks awesome. Each can of Caveman Coffee Nitro Cold Brew has 200mg of caffeine, the equivalent to 3 espresso shots. They recommend blending with 1-tablespoon of Caveman MCT oil for smooth energy if you’re into that.

The instructions read “Shake twice and pour vigorously for the optimum nitro experience”. I shake twice and hold the can high over my cup while it poured. I recommend opening the can over your sink because it will splash.

caveman coffee vigour pour
Not a vigorous enough pour!

Within 6 days, I had finished the entire 12 pack. It gave me the immediate jolt of caffeine I was looking for and tasted velvet electric (delicious)! Personally, I prefer my coffee black so this blend is the perfect match. I will be buying Nitro Cold Brew Coffee by Caveman Coffee Co again and look forward to try their other products as well – like their MCT oil.

Check them out on their website!


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