Review: Bullet Proof Coffee @ Whole Foods NYC – Ketogenic Friendly


I found out Whole Foods added Bullet Proof Coffee into their stores in New York City locations for a test run. When I heard this, I had to try it. After heading to the city, I took a short walk in Central Park and then walked to the closest Whole Foods. What a mad house! I walked around the store for a few minutes, dodging people along the way before I located the barista.

Sure enough, Bullet Proof Coffee advertised on a massive poster front in center. Walking up to the barista, I felt nervous. While I have been plopping grass-fed butter in my coffee for a while, did other people actually do this?

The barista greeted me and I ordered a medium sized Bullet Proof Coffee. She asked if I would like ‘gee or butter’, to which I replied butter. Next, she asked if I would like to add MCT octane oil “for the brain” and I said of course. She rang me up for $5.44 – not too shabby!

I watched as she blended the grass-fed butter, brain octane oil, and coffee together. Feeling more confident, I inquired if a lot of people order it and she enthusiastically replied, “Yes” but usually in the mornings.

Another lady behind the counter chimed in and claimed she drank it every morning and swore that it suppresses her from all the delicious snacks surrounding her while working in Whole Foods. She said she even has to force herself to eat lunch because she’s just not hungry after drinking this concoction – she even threw the word “ketones” at me while saying she followed the ketogenic diet. I’m impressed!

I thanked them for my cocktail and headed back to Central Park.  While I waited for my bulletproof coffee to cool, I wondered how many calories are in this thing anyways?From a quick search online, it looks like around 240, but with the added Brain Octane MCT oil I guesstimate its closer to 400 calories.

It tasted delicious. I love the feeling of the buzz of caffeine warming your body – the added butter and octane oil enhance the experience. I would definitely order another Bulletproof Coffee from Whole Foods whenever I’m back in the city.

I am shocked, but happy to see that the ketogenic diet has gained a huge following, especially here in New York City.

Have you tried the keto diet? What has your experience been? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts!

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