Best Tim Ferriss Blog Posts of All Time: Lifestyle Design, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, & Traveling

“Think big, and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Life is too short to think small.” – Tim Ferriss

The #1 blog in the world – Tim Ferriss – is a must read for anyone remotely interested in lifestyle design. Each post on the blog is captivating and I walk away each time feeling motivated or compelled to try something new (although I won’t be freezing my sperm anytime soon). Over the years I’ve received an informal education on entrepreneurship, personal finance, traveling, diet, exercise, or what I like to call: lifestyle optimization. I wanted to find and share the best posts from his 10+ years of blogging.

I shuffled through hundreds (maybe thousands) of posts, continually impressed at the consistency in terms of both content quality and length – each post full of research, experimentation, metrics, and actionable takeaways. I can only imagine how difficult it is to maintain that type of quality for so long. It’s truly remarkable and something I hope to emulate on my own blog. Enjoy!

  1. Six-Figure Business Built for Less than $100: 17 Lessons Learned

A trend or controversial idea can also reveal a business opportunity.

“Lesson: When large groups of people love and hate something, it’s a good sign there’s a business model hiding in plain sight. Get paid by making things easy for the people who love it.”

A guest post by Chris Guillibeau – he studied small business owners who created freedom for themselves by generating new income and a completely new way of life.

He discovered that there is a formula for creating a successful business. This post is a must read if you are considering launching your own business venture. Fun Fact about Chris Guillibeau: he has been to every single country on earth!

  1. Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi on Blogging Techniques and Self-Publishing vs. Big Publishers

 “Create content online that can be a default reference for a specific subject”

– Tim Ferris on creating a successful blog

Tim sat down in this post with Ramit Sethi – entrepreneur and author of personal finance book, I Will Teach You to Be Rich. Both have successful blogs that are well-known for action-oriented readers. My favorite part was the How to Build Traffic and Blogging Tactics video. They go into blog publishing times, post length, and tools like Google Keywords and Stumble Upon.

Basically the secret is, there is no secret. You’re only as good as your content.

  1. Stoicism 101: A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs

Another guest post, this one by Ryan Holiday – former marketing director of American Apparel and author of The Obstacle is the Way. is about a philosophical system designed to produce dramatic real-world effects without the nonsense, Stoicism. I first discovered Stoicism a few years ago when I read Letters From a Stoic by Lucius Seneca.

Stoicism differs from most existing schools in one important sense: its purpose is practical application, perfect for a budding entrepreneur. Here is an excerpt from the post:

“Stoicism had three principal leaders. Marcus Aurelius, the emperor of the Roman Empire, the most powerful man on earth, sat down each day to write himself notes about restraint, compassion and humility. Epictetus endured the horrors of slavery to found his own School where he taught many of Rome’s greatest minds. Seneca, when Nero turned on him and demanded his suicide, could think only of comforting his wife and friends.” – Ryan Holiday

  1. Rethinking Invest: Common-Sense Rules for Uncommon Times

 Tim has made a living off exploring, experimenting, and using metrics to drive increased performance. Naturally, he applied the same systems to the world of investing. The findings of this thoughtful post have been delivered through trial and error.

He picked the brains of some diverse and fascinating people such as Warren Buffet, the richest man in the world along with chief economists at top investment banks (among many others).

If you are interesting in personal finance – this is a must read. I highly recommend reading Part II as well.

  1. How to Take a Sabbatical 

4 hour workweek book

Ahh! Mini-retirements….

In his book the 4 Hour Workweek, Tim lays out the idea of frequent “mini-retirement”, which might be spaced throughout a working career. This post is an interview between Tim and J.D. Rot on real-life examples of how to put the concept of mini retirements into action.

Tim describes methods that work for him and techniques he’s developed over the past years. The main message is “Don’t get caught up on the specifics – consider the big idea”. View Tim’s example as one way of making this a reality.

Bonus Part I: Tim Ferriss’s Advice on Starting a Business or Podcast

Tim’s YouTube Channel is full of fantastic videos. This is one I stumbled upon recently and listened to more than once. Does anyone else just automatically order books that Tim recommends? I love the recommendations that Tim lays out here – two that I have read myself:

Bonus Part II: Hacking Japan: Inside Tokyo for Less than New York


Disclaimer: I plan on taking a 2 – 3 month trip to Japan in early 2019 and to my surprise discovered this post. I plan on visiting the Ghibli Museum – a “real-life” Alice in Wonderland and the Tsukiji Fish Market – the largest fish market in the world where you can see a single tuna worth $40,000.  If you enjoyed that post, there is a Part II you can read as well!

I’m especially interested in entrepreneurial posts such as starting your own business, traveling and optimizing your life style to make it work for you. Tim Ferriss does a phenomenal job of sharing the strategies and systems he uses based on his own trial and error.

I hope you find these posts as meaningful and useful as I did. Thank you for your time and if you know of any other influencers like Tim Ferriss, I would love if you could share them with me!



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