Review: Gametime Sports Tickets App – Better than StubHub & TicketMaster!


Ever since I move to New York City, I have been using the app Gametime. Founded in 2012 and launched in over 50 cities, Gametime is by far one of the most used apps on my phone. It’s one of those few apps that truly make life easier. With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly buy/sell tickets directly on your phone to any event in your city.

Have you ever almost missed your event because you had to print off your ticket? Founder & CEO of Gametime Brad Griffith did. After nearly missing the San Francisco NLCS game because he couldn’t find a printer to print his tickets, Griffith and his team reimagined a simpler process for buying tickets on the go. It’s safe to say they were successful!

When you arrive to the event, all you do is scan the barcode on your phone and you’re in. Gametime offers incredible user experience and is extremely easy to use.

Using your current location, the Gametime app searches events in your area and displays them in 4 different categories: Sports, Music, Shows, and Discover. They offer a full array of Pro and College sporting events from football, basketball, soccer, hockey, WWE, and even Monster Jam. If you’re in New York City, you can check prices for upcoming shows on Broadway or find tickets to your favorite musicians in Madison Square Garden – the choices are endless.

Gametime does all the hard work of searching for the right options; their algorithm examines thousands of potential tickets and only presents the best options. After finding your desired event, you then choose your seat. The app shows you the exact vantage point, so you know what you’re buying. You’ll never have a shitty seat again.
Easy to use interface makes buying/selling tickets simple

Gametime believes that the purchasing process should be just as amazing as the actual event experience. If this is your first time using Gametime, you will need to enter and save your credit card information. Once completed, all you need to do is swipe to purchase your ticket. Easy as that. The tickets are then delivered directly to your phone so you never need a printer. If you’re buying tickets with friends or family, you can email or text them their ticket or just keep all of the tickets on your phone.

Selling your ticket is just as easy as buying. For whatever reason if life happens and you can’t go to the event, you can sell the tickets directly from the Gametime app. With a few clicks, you set the desired price of your ticket and post it for sale. I have done this numerous times and each time I (luckily) successfully sell my ticket and get a great price.

I have found the fees to be extremely fair when purchasing tickets – on par with other exchanges like Stubhub or Ticketmaster, if not cheaper. With the seamless experience of buying/selling tickets, I prefer to use Gametime.

Perhaps my favorite feature of Gametime is watching the prices go up/down for events I am thinking about attending. It’s fun to track the ticket prices, looking for the perfect time to purchase. For example, my dad was in town this weekend and we planned on going to a New York Jets football game. A few days before the game, I checked the prices and saw they were a little more than I wanted to pay. A few hours before kickoff, tickets in the lowest section were down to $50 – a huge discount! I quickly swiped and bought 2 tickets. While this is a risky strategy, I haven’t failed yet to find an available ticket an hour or two before the event begins – always at a bargain price.

Overall, I will continue to use Gametime for all of my buying/selling needs to any event in my area. It is simply the best exchange in the marketplace with super fast checkout and low prices. With the tickets on my phone, I never need to print my tickets last minute to get into the event (just need to make sure my phone is charged!). I highly recommend checking out Gametime and seeing what events are going on in your area.

Get $5 off your first booking with Gametime when you using promo code: OTOD96688.

What Apps do you have on your phone that you cannot live without? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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