Review: Charlotte’s Web Cannabinoid (CBD) Hemp Extract Oil – Better Sleep & Lower Anxiety

You need to try it.

When I first moved to New York City, I saw cannabis trucks on every corner in the city – most of them painted green, blasting reggae music, smoke bellowing from inside. I smell weed all the time here and after seeing these trucks selling edibles, I honestly thought weed was legal here in New York for a few months. One night out after a few (too many) drinks, I balled out on $100 worth of these edibles and decided to give it a shot. Even though the guy assured me it was the real thing, I was a sucker. I spent the next few days eating rice Krispy treats, brownies, lolliops, and gummies – all without feeling a thing. This was when my first experience with Cannabidiol, also known as CBD.

Fast-forward a few months and I have fallen down the rabbit hole of bio hacking and trying new supplements to increase cognitive and physical performance. Naturally, everything has brought back full circle with me again trying Cannabidiol (CBD) – although this time not in the form of candy, but extract oil. After reading dozens of success stories on how CBD changed their life, I was prepared to (sober this time) spend another $100.

Finding the Right Cannabidiol Extract

 I quickly researched which brand of hemp extract oil was best for the quality and price, which led me to the company Charlotte’s Web – who recently debuted their IPO in Canada raising 77 million USD.

Based out in Colorado, Charlotte’s Web seemed like the perfect blend of quality and price with all reviews extremely positive, besides the shipping time. No big deal, I can wait. Remembering the non-existent affects of the prior CBD rice krispy treat, I decided to opt for the Mint Chocolate flavored Extra Strength Hemp Oil Extract. I was surprised by how fast my package arrived to my door, less than a week. Great! I unwrapped the packaging and held the tiny bottle in my hand. I wondered, ‘Does the stuff actually work?’.

I wonder if this shows up on a drug test?

The Awesome Benefits of CBD Oil

A google search online shows that CBD has a wide array of benefits, but with the antidote at the end that more research must be done and results may vary. Most of the tests on CBD have been run on animals, which is a good indicator, but doesn’t always translate to similar results in humans. Some of the benefits that I’m particularly interested in are:

  • Natural Pain Relief and Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Better Sleep
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Potential Neuroprotective Properties

There are numerous other benefits that you can read more about here.

Knowing that I wasn’t going to be getting the “high” feeling from THC, I knew it would be difficult to measure the effects of CBD. Nonetheless, it was time to put CBD to the test.

How to Take CBD & My Observations

Later that evening close to bedtime, I took the dropper out of the bottle and emptied it in my mouth, holding it below my tongue for a full 2 minutes.  I repeated this twice for full effect. I consider myself to have a pretty average tolerance, meaning that I don’t consider myself a lightweight or a tank. The recommended dose is usually perfect. Within 30 minutes, I felt ridiculously relaxed and comfortable. Could this just be a placebo affect? I got a phenomenal nights sleep and was energized at 6 in the morning during my workout. So far, I was impressed. .

For the past week, I’ve taken 2 syringes full of CBD oil in the morning and then another 2 at night before bed. Here are a few observations after a full week of use:

  • Typically in the mornings after working out, I begin to feel hungry around 10:30 or 11 AM. Since taking CBD, my hunger goes away and I don’t feel hungry until around 1 PM. I believe this is a result of the coconut oil present in the mix that makes me feel satiated for hours. It’s like anti-munchies.
  • I feel more way more relaxed. I am by no means a super anxious person and I enjoy being in large groups. Although, there are times for whatever reason I feel anxiety being in public, whether ordering food or working out at the gym. I feel much more comfortable in my own skin after consuming CBD. This is probably the greatest benefit that I’ve noticed.
  • My sleep has noticeably improved. If this is just a placebo affect, it remains to be determined. It’s almost meditative taking CBD oil at night and now I expect to sleep better.



The tide is slowly changing on the negative sentiment associated with marijuana and cannabis related products. And I can see why – I’ve really enjoyed my experience so far. While a bit on the expensive side at around $60 – $100 for a bottle, its worth it. One bottle lasts about a month and $60/month for an effective supplement is a small drop in the bucket. I’m continually looking for supplements or nootropics that help me perform better, and CBD answers the bell. My body has reacted positively and there have been noticeable improvements in my life. I think it can improve others as well.

For years my mom has been struggling with chronic back pain. She is an avid user of Essential Oils and whenever I am home she is always trying to send me back to NYC with a handful of different bottles. Luckily, pain relief is probably the most often used reason for cannabis CBD oil – dating back thousands of years. I’m excited to surprise her with some CBD oil and see what her reaction is. Since she is already well acclimated with Essential Oils hopefully this shouldn’t be a huge change!

I definitely recommend experimenting with CBD extract and seeing how your body reacts. I’ve noticed numerous real benefits. Make sure you buy the extract oil from a trusted vendor such as Charlotte’s Web and most importantly, stay away from the edibles on the street selling snake oil!

Have you tried CBD before or any other related cannabis products? Tell me about your experience! I’m always looking to try new things.


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