Thinking About Going to the Movies Solo? Why Watching Movies Alone is a Must Try

Have you ever been to the movies alone?

At first it feels really weird. Walking into the theatre by yourself, purchasing a ticket, grabbing some popcorn + a soda, and searching for a seat far away from others. I felt like a total weirdo. But you know what? I enjoyed the hell out of it. I consider myself somewhat of a veteran of venturing solo to the movie theatres. Here’s why it’s important you should try it:

Movies are Better in Theatres
This is a fact. Nothing can replace the experience you get while at the big screen and it’s impossible to replicate at home. Go ahead – treat yourself. Load up on popcorn and a soda. Indulge! That’s what the movies are all about.

Also, am I the only one who thinks previews have gotten worse? I used to look forward to arriving to the theatres early so I could check out the previews, but now they suck. What gives!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
“Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone”

In Stoic philosophy, cultivating resilience is a point of emphasis. The more you schedule and practice discomfort deliberately, the less unplanned discomfort will throw off and control your life. Why not proactively develop an ability to widen that comfort zone?

After years and years of hearing others describe how much they loved going to the movies by themselves, I finally decided to give it a try. Now, I love going to the movies alone! I can’t believe I waited this long to try it.

Stop Caring What Others Think
I’ll admit I was anxious as fuck walking to the theatre. It takes courage going to the movies alone.

I felt so awkward and sheepish standing in line to get my ticket and ordering popcorn. Would other people judge me and think I’m a loser and a loner? These imagined fears were ill founded. Why would I let those thoughts in my head make me miss out on a potentially fun experience? It’s silly, but easy to fall victim to.

After each movie, I walk out of the theatre with a huge smile across my face – it is always an awesome experience.

Disconnect from the World
The movies are a form of meditation. In order to be present in the moment, I make it a rule to turn my phone on silent and not check it once while the movie is playing. It’s important to have time to disconnect from the endless scroll of information.

Instead, be swept away in the story line of the movie. I consider this as a strong form of self-improvement worth practicing.

Do More Stuff Alone
Americans are spending more and more time alone. Memberships in social groups and organizations are declining – inferring less people are forming important social ties (link study).

Get comfortable hanging out with yourself!


Are you convinced yet? I swear it’s fantastic and that you’ll have a delightful experience.

Something as simple as going to the theaters alone has surprisingly had an enormous impact on my life. In general I’m not much of an anxious person, but there are times where at random I’ll feel uncomfortable in public for whatever reason. Doing exercises like this only help myself improve multifaceted ways.

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